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Abandoned 19th Century Victorian House (Fully Furnished)

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Experience a trip with us and mutch more on our new channel Brothers Of Adventure : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCflTq77B_AXdUIfOeAqtYSA Hey explorers, Thank you for watching this video ! This was definetly one of the best explores we ever did. It was an amazing home with some realy awesome furniture in it . I don't know why this place has not been cleaned out but i like it :) I have done some researche and found out the house was from around the 17th century . Thank you for watching and see you in the next video . MORE OF BRO'S OF DECAY: The Abandoned Pottery → http://bit.ly/2dgPBPT VolksWagen Graveyard in the Woods → http://bit.ly/2ejZQz6 Abandoned Hunters Home → http://bit.ly/2e6SFN4 Abandoned Hospital in the Woods → http://bit.ly/2e9rDpi Abandoned Farm 1881 → http://bit.ly/2dgPSlT SOCIALS: Follow us on Snapchat ►Brosofdecay Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Brothersofdecay/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/brosofdecay Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/brosofdecay/
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Text Comments (3222)
Sylvia M. (3 hours ago)
The camera is moving too fast. No chance to focus on this beautiful collection.
Sarah Edwards (1 day ago)
I bet it's haunted
Rose Castle (1 day ago)
Chevere, el vídeo. Me quede con las ganas de ver la cocina.
Susan Porter (2 days ago)
Loved this. Thanks so much! Wish you didn't have to hurry so fast, but understand why you had to do so! Amazing place. Books, books, books and toilets and sinks in sooo many of the bedrooms! Soooo interesting! Thanks again!
Margaret Courrier (2 days ago)
if you guys the ones filming were thiefs you could have gotten a pretty good amount of money for some things in this house for example the victorian hanging chandlier easily eighteen hundred even though there is damage there also where some pictures that looked decent was hard to put a price because could not get a real good look as the camera man went way to fast. the port a pot other wise known as a potty would fetch easily when cleaned up to one hundred and fifty dollars not to meantion there where several tin boxes in alot of the rooms that looked old they can fetch a little to alot of money depending on the condition and subject matter of the tins. there was a lot of things if sold would allow for some feed up money to do repairs if one was inclined to do so. if you were there to take and sell these things there is thousands of dollars worth of things in this home sadly left to rot kinda sad
Star Fairy (2 days ago)
That tall pot with the lid you saw that's inside some wood, is in fact a portable toilet.
meat is murder (3 days ago)
Those furnitures and the camera tho it shows really old
devonferris (3 days ago)
The camera is terrible, it keeps trying to focus. It is irritating.
Mamba Negra (3 days ago)
have these guys found or felt something like a ghost in any video?
Heather Coleman (3 days ago)
So many questions. I noticed a toilet in many of the bedrooms had toilets & sinks. Is/was this standard at one time? Plus totally agree with someone down below-catholic school
Deb Ideiosepius (4 days ago)
There are a disturbing number of sinks/handbasins in rooms that are not bathrooms, mostly two of them side by side. Disturbing.
Jessica Luna (4 days ago)
Be careful,as you first entered the house I seen alot of mildew I believe. That's not good to breathe in.
It was a chamber pot
Barbara Ryan (7 days ago)
that is an old porta potty..only the very wealthy own those..in those days...thanks for making this video..home is beautiful...
Jason Walsh (7 days ago)
The item you were looking at looks to be a toilet. seems that’s what it is
ツblurry_dreamland (8 days ago)
شي حلو شكداتمنى يكون عندي بيت مثل هذا انتيك 😔😔
Je vermomming is feilbaar, mnr Clark Kent! Ik had je al jaren door! groetjes
The Viking (11 days ago)
Fantastic stuff on the other side of the camera.....not so much so behind it
Celtic Raven G (15 days ago)
This place is really amazing. Having that many bathrooms , they must have been quite wealthy. Here in the states most places ( Historic or Modern ) realtors will tell you that extra bathrooms and an exquisite kitchen really “ sell “ a house. My dad is in real estate and I learned it from him . Thank you for the wonderful adventure and it’s an awesome exploration. 💞💞much love from the USA
Nikki Gray (16 days ago)
That chandelier could be worth a lot
Linda Anderson (17 days ago)
Thanks for sharing guys. Mysterious, I hope that he gave ties and to charities. Or maybe the elite and all it's evil R getting what we all should be getting or not because maybe they stole it from us or figured out a way for us to pay for their asses like in Taxes I'm sorry but I just don't believe that people like the Queen of England sucking off everyone around them their taxes that's how they get to live like that!! sounds like worshipping to me. Some so much money they abandon their fancy ass mansions and leave everything behind you know they just got so much they're overwhelmed with everything they have around them most don't even give a damn about it they don't appreciate what they have or had. you would think that they would do something anyting to help the less fortunate instead of just abandoning these fancy homes. SAD.. I've seen so many abandoned homes on all these dang videos what the hell ?!! Rotting Corpses or maybe the bank owns it you know the bank??! Or let's just sit on it and let it rot some more. you all are the ones that SHOULD BE HELPING THE LESS FORTUNATE if you did GOD BLESS you if you didn't GOD help you. "" Statement "" - where do these guys get kind of 💰?! HEATHENS?? ❤ Yes that chandelier was/is really pretty.
مشمشه مختار (17 days ago)
Love♡ you
petterssonmarco1 (20 days ago)
That thing in the fireplace is a cookingpot for fish.
Carol Ferguson (20 days ago)
It looks as though it was run as a religious orphanage and school.
Cassiel Tanaka (20 days ago)
Worst filming ever
jrgnc1 (21 days ago)
Marble tiles are not a sign of being really rich.
Sandy Grayson (22 days ago)
You move too fast on your videos
Bros Of Decay (21 days ago)
Sorry this was a long time ago i have learned alot lately 😊
sapsapen (23 days ago)
Its a chamber pot
Bros Of Decay (22 days ago)
Thanks for the info!
Crystal OO (23 days ago)
Smoking, heavy breathing, shaky camera... not your best work, boys.
Crystal OO (20 days ago)
lol, thanks for the heart. For what it's worth, you have come a long way. Your recent videos are well done, respectful, and well edited. Keep it up!
Vcs dois são lindos.
Eu sou apaixonada pelos móveis são muito lindos maravilhosos.
Robert Hecker (24 days ago)
In five minutes I saw at least 10,000$ worth of furniture. That’s Pennsylvania prices at least.
AVLRECORDS (24 days ago)
ur filming style is super annoying shaky. had to quite after few minutes my head hurts
linda (26 days ago)
Please slow down with twirling your camera during filming
Jamie Hord (26 days ago)
I read that Until 1840, indoor water was only found in the homes of the rich and luxury hotels. I seen that this house had indoor water in this house. So whoever owned this house must have been rich.
Aisha Hassan (26 days ago)
I like these wooden furnitures
Barbara Reardon (27 days ago)
It’s a British chamber pot
Cristina Pereira (27 days ago)
Voz bonita
CaliLove * (29 days ago)
I've been watching videos on abandoned mansions and this mansion in this video is the only one so far to give me a weird vibe. Idky
brighthottstarr (29 days ago)
Your awesome showing us the awesome architecture of these beautiful places.. that chandelier was kick ass .... The whole place was awesome i bet them paintings worth some bucks.. im glad it was tore up like alot of places
Louise Cooper (29 days ago)
If you come to the UK there's john Lowes abandoned house in surry
plutorama (30 days ago)
Great opulent home. But you’re still the most beautiful thing in the video.
Jo Teh (1 month ago)
Such a shame to see this once glorious house now looking lonely and abandoned but it’s also a joy how you carefully take time to 🎥 film and edit every video .Thank you for your time.🇸🇬😘❤️I really enjoy the video !
Lizzy Kennett (1 month ago)
Are they actually allowed to be there? I'm not trying to be rude, but the whole "I've got to be careful" and "I hope l dont see the owner" thing makes me think they didn't actually have permission to be there.
Enrique Ramos (1 month ago)
Enrique Ramos (1 month ago)
Hi I'm a girl ur hot and sexy
james avdelis (1 month ago)
Very nice house. It's very sad that no one is taking care of it.
Bros Of Decay (1 month ago)
Yea it has been a few years now but it is still like this.
Codeblue (1 month ago)
Can i have it?
Codeblue (1 month ago)
+Bros Of Decay the house xD
Bros Of Decay (1 month ago)
What do you want to have?
Abigail C. Jackson (1 month ago)
Wow all those books this family was well educated.
Abigail C. Jackson (1 month ago)
+Bros Of DecayWell in that case you can be my teacher than! 😊 I'm into history and genealogy.
Bros Of Decay (1 month ago)
Yes you have never seen my room before haha
JC guy (1 month ago)
It looks like an abandoned Catholic rectory.
Bros Of Decay (1 month ago)
Yes it is !
Rosiegiggles TooMuch (1 month ago)
Hi.. New subscriber. I love your videos. I love all the old furniture it's lovely.
Bluey Br (1 month ago)
Eu acho que sou o único brasileiro por aqui ;-;
Jennifer Lewis (1 month ago)
It's a old boarding school
No muevas mucho la cámara mareas y no se aprecian bien las cosas
Me encantó el lugar saludos desde México
Joanna Dyndor (1 month ago)
6:37 I leave them in my videos too! Great video, as always! I wish we had abandoned places like that to explore out here. They would just get vandalized. I enjoy your videos because you are so respectful to the properties.
Verna Boston (1 month ago)
not enough. of them. showing
selene r (1 month ago)
Very beautiful home! Loved all the furnishing that is left there. Showed to my husband first time and he was quite amazed. Heard your voice Leslie on video while watching and he say "oh, watching your boys today?" He knows I like your videos best! Now you have new fan!!
michele piteo (1 month ago)
There were two porcelain sinks right next to a high fireplace with a mantle. That was so masculine.. There was probably a bath tub in this room. What luxury !! A roaring fire and a bath-tub!!
gg P (1 month ago)
1978 is nineteen seventy eight. 1987 is nineteen eighty seven.
Omah Supriyanto (1 month ago)
Seneng sy melihat rumah2 tua tp msh bagus2 ini adalah bagian dr sejarah karena terdapat benda2 antik...
lady space (1 month ago)
This wasn't abandoned in the 19th century for the record, that's just when the house was built. I was hoping to see a time warp. Some of the pieces in the house were probably from then but most of that stuff is from the 80s including the newspaper.
MEthat LovesCats (1 month ago)
We're well off
Brian Fuller (1 month ago)
This was awesome. So rare that all these are there still. Usually stolen or interior vandalised. I love furnishings.
Tonya Gordon (1 month ago)
Was it a school?
Rev. Jenny Osorio (1 month ago)
Awesome vlog! In American unfortunately abandoned homes are vandalized. I love Victorian homes. I would love to live there.
captain0ldy0da (1 month ago)
It's odd how clean a lot of the furniture and ornaments are? There's a lot of antiques in there that could be sold at auction, and loved again. It seems that the building is a lot older than a lot of its contents, that 1987 newspaper being a good pointer, as well as the camera you found, that someone was using the building until the late 80's.
Mitch McConahay (1 month ago)
O:19 You said the "Owner lives down there" Down where? "1/2 hr more he will find us" I thought this was an abandoned building. You guys trying to be funny? What the hell are you talking about? Suck it.
Carine Osselaer (1 month ago)
Justin Leeds (1 month ago)
Was that a urinal part way down the stairs?
Mike Curtis (1 month ago)
Why are you breathing so damn heavy?
That baby crib is awesome!!!!
Bros Of Decay (1 month ago)
Yes i think so to
Beatrice L. Williams (1 month ago)
May I suggest that you pan right and left a little bit more slowly.
Andreea Roman (1 month ago)
What's the song at 0:35?
alex garcia (1 month ago)
Greetings from Texas! You are very handsome!
Karla Moreno Chacón (1 month ago)
This place is gorgeous!! Congratulations !!
sherri carr (1 month ago)
Keep the piano solo next time, along with your surprise guffaws.
A. L. (1 month ago)
I love the way you said, "in every room, there's something special"
Molly Frost (1 month ago)
It is a toilet. It's called a chamber pot.
Jake Day (1 month ago)
I'm surprised they haven't been tracked down for trespassing. At one point in the video he says he doesn't want the owners to catch them there. Did you have permission to enter? Be careful. Not only that, but of the mold and other dangerous airborne stuff. Gorgeous old house.
Bros Of Decay (1 month ago)
It is not that illegal in Belgium. Just looked down upon. No we didn't have permission to enter. Thanks for watching Jake
Adriel Rowley (1 month ago)
Even though a boarding school, a tad odd having the toilets in full view of the rest of the room.
Vincent Foronda (2 months ago)
hey is this a victorian era house??
Trish E92 (2 months ago)
Beautiful find
parv bhatewara (2 months ago)
Many time your camera blaring and so fast you move from one room to other ....didnt saw us almirah and other things....Please increase time for video😢....at least 1/2 hour 😀
parv bhatewara (2 months ago)
Please focus your camera clearly on books so i search that precious classical books on net.....Please 👍🇮🇳😚😀
As to what you were asking, if anyone knew of what the pot in the room was. It is called a chambermaids pot. When the owners, had to go pee or poop, they would go into the chambermaids pot. Then the maids would take it away to be cleaned out and then brought back.
Bros Of Decay (2 months ago)
JD Wohlever (2 months ago)
10:25 Sanitary Napkin container.
JD Wohlever (2 months ago)
A newspaper from 1987 is old to you? A camera with an LCD counter is not old either. A typed letter is not "hand written". This house was obvious used as a Girl's Catholic school dorm (no urinals, maps in each room, crosses on walls, double sinks in each room, all the books) or similar not that long ago.
Lawrence Dunbar (2 months ago)
The pan in the fireplace appeared to be a fish poacher. But, it was difficult to tell as the camera was ZOOMING around. Slow down guys. You're usually great with this! Thanks for the vid though!
Brazil Chem (2 months ago)
Guys, during your small introduction, from 0:07 to 0:31, there was an entity behind both of you. With hands in its pocket mouth opened and a strange look.
Bros Of Decay (2 months ago)
Yea that was a friend of ours haha
Cecilia Luján (2 months ago)
Too fast! :(
Bros Of Decay (2 months ago)
Sorry this is an old video...
JOE CIOCCO (2 months ago)
Whos here building a house on Sims 4 looking for some context?
Bros Of Decay (2 months ago)
Haha have fun with the game Joe ! Hope i inspired you to build something nice
Terri Nooner (2 months ago)
10:32 that is a chamber pot.
Joadstar DeeLuvsYa (2 months ago)
And if there still is an owner plus lives there....isn't that trespassing for you then? Plus he hunts....um-maa :)
Bros Of Decay (2 months ago)
No not in Belgium :)
Katrina Lewis (2 months ago)
This place is amazing!! Do you think the owner would give you permission to film there (for a second, longer video), so we could get a slower, more complete experience of it? Maybe they would even share the history of it with you? I'm betting on Catholic Girl's home or school... Thank you for what you guys do!!
My Day (2 months ago)
You're simply trespassing. You have no respect for other peoples property. Perhaps one day you'll get shot.
Rusty Bear (2 months ago)
It is called a night pot or honey pot. For use at night when you don't want to go to the outhouse. This is a very fancy example
GladysKravitzJr (2 months ago)
My guess this home was once a home for priests or nuns. Perhaps an old age home? Looks like they spent most of their time in reflection and study. An infirm person obviously once lived there hence the commode thing.

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