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Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes

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When houses are the size of parking spaces. Follow Johnny on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnnywharris/ Follow the Vox Borders watch page: https://www.facebook.com/VoxBorders/ Sign up for the Borders newsletter: http://www.vox.com/borders-email With original music by Tom Fox: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-416166523 Hong Kong is the most expensive housing market in the world. It has been ranked as the least affordable housing market on Earth for eight years in a row, and the price per square foot seems to be only going up. The inflated prices are forcing Hongkongers to squeeze into unconventionally small spaces that can affect their quality of life. Tens of thousands of Hongkongers are living in spaces that range from 75 to 140 square feet. To put that in perspective, the average parking space in the US is about 150 square feet. And in the most extreme cases, Hongkongers have resorted to homes the size of a coffin. I spent some time exploring the living situation in Hong Kong to find out why housing has become so expensive and spaces so tight. To understand how Hong Kong’s housing market turned out this way and see how it’s affecting people’s lives, watch the final episode of Borders Hong Kong. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. For more, visit vox.com/borders. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (11797)
Vox (1 day ago)
Cage homes are just one fascinating product of Hong Kong's unique composition and history. For more check out the full Vox Borders Hong Kong playlist here: http://bit.ly/2OIuyUb
EVAN R (1 hour ago)
You call it fascinating. I call you a schmuck
Junyu Yang (1 hour ago)
On the flip side, look how green Hong Kong is. I don't see that in the US. freeing up zoning means destruction of natural habitat, which is irreversible. That is plain stupid.
Jack Hoffmen (3 hours ago)
so we just gonna act like San Francisco doesn’t exist ?
Yoga Wan (5 hours ago)
This not healthy. Just move to Mainland, Mainland still plenty of spaces
Reason Tamang (5 hours ago)
We Need Thanos... Here!!!!!
Mandy VIP (8 hours ago)
Entonces los padres de Jackson de Got7 que viven en una casa con piscina y jacuzzi en Hong Kong son millonarios ??? 😮
Randomness Dylan (8 hours ago)
Yo you dont need to deforest the earth anymore
Skai Surov (9 hours ago)
government wont help.
Sydney P (9 hours ago)
The first place just looks like dorms in toronto
Sydney P (9 hours ago)
Probably looks bigger on camera though
Huqiao Shan (11 hours ago)
The housing price will probably never go down. The free market will always keep the pricing up for better investments. It’s not about space or overpopulation, unless the government step in and bring down the housing price there is no way the housing price in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world will go down.
burger (12 hours ago)
no new episode
Leah Lombardi (15 hours ago)
Shabih_E Zainab (19 hours ago)
I feel claustrophobic watching this literally I had a fast heart beat and felt anxious
Fini D. (20 hours ago)
That there's so much free land even though there ares I many people is one of the mane reasons why Hongkong is so beautiful. It gives the city a unique feeling that no other city has.
Ibn Taymiyyah (22 hours ago)
I'd rather build a simple hut in the forest.
Bosque Harris (22 hours ago)
Imagine if someone farted in that room...
Richard Hogan (23 hours ago)
Intro music is nice. Thanks for the info from the video.
GraceDcastle (23 hours ago)
Damn, I lived in a 1 x 2.5 mts room for 3 years (obvs kitchen and bathroom shared with other people) and it was a freaking nightmare 80% of the time, but damn, at least I had a tiny window from where I could watch a couple of trees and some air entered. I can't imagine what living in one of those coffins is. Really a sad situation
GraceDcastle (23 hours ago)
And people still think that not having children makes you a selfish person because of course we need more people in this not at all overwhelmingly populated world... Ha! *hysterical laugh*
Hafiel Rahaputra (1 day ago)
$267 a month for that cage house? Damn.... You can get 2 bedroom, in a nice apartment here in Jakarta.
Lil Blockchain (1 day ago)
I'm mean if you're only paying $250 a month for that small space you should have plenty of cash left over to spend outside of your home.
LucifeL MartelL (1 day ago)
The communists have always been hand in hand with the Jews.... And yes the status quo is what that matters.. And this ain't going to change. Makes you question what was the revolution all about?
Garthgoyle (1 day ago)
Damn. And I thought that living in Japan was bad.
Izuhara Torozu (1 day ago)
The world would be a better place if there were 1/2 the amount of people there are now and it stayed like that....
Britt Pomales (1 day ago)
a small room is better than a cage. if you got a window you are lucky.
orlando hamilton (1 day ago)
First of all, if yu tried paying 267 us dollars a month on rent in any big city, thats all yu would get. Secondly free more beautiful land to get wiped out and turned into cities thats constantly kill our planet??? 🤔 interesting
Sk8 Rail (1 day ago)
Maro D (1 day ago)
9:26 "And put the interests of the people above the interest of the market" That's not the time we are living in right now.
nkooutsider (1 day ago)
We need Thanos
Dogy Doo (1 day ago)
I'd rather live in the wild
Charlie Chuckles (1 day ago)
Can these people not commute to work?
Jay Pearce (1 day ago)
One acre of land and a 39000 square foot house in the USA, cost 250k.... they are stupid!!!!! They aren’t the best economic entity... they are stupid!!!!! Government rips them off!!!!
Mark (1 day ago)
Ah Vox, always throwing a dose of socialism/communism in the mix.
Tell em to stop having kids
Jasleen Sohel (1 day ago)
Hygiene levels there have shooted up through sky........
All those people in one small space?Your going to fight and get on each other's nerves.I couldn't do it.
SSYabuddy (1 day ago)
This place sucks lol
WannaSeeWhatYouGot (1 day ago)
"There's a lot of green space" are you stating that we should be cutting down the whatever trees we have to build more houses?
Audio6195 (1 day ago)
Could not fully breath throughout the video
20320456 Kaneki (1 day ago)
Nature is what makes Hong Kong beautiful!
James Robert (1 day ago)
this was so well done! everything from the edit to the level of research was perfect!
Brenda Miller (1 day ago)
It's a real problem, I know, but the capsules look sick af.
S.Y ARMY! (1 day ago)
I am very exited to go to HK I can speak very little Cantonese.🤫
halee mao (1 day ago)
well they over produce babies. now they look like hampsters in cages.
BananaCorn (1 day ago)
I heard that sometimes in a Hong Kong you can reach out of your window and touch another block. I’m not sure how true this is.
Corbin Davies (1 day ago)
All your jargon comes down to deforestation so more people can fill a space breed and repeat, this is short sighted and foolish. Innovating space usage of the living spaces we have and using population control will be the most sustainable path to any economy’s future and long term prosperity.Your path will destroy the world and turn proud economy’s into the Ozymandias of tomorrow!
imprisoned mindz (1 day ago)
Always wanted to live in Hong Kong, having second thoughts now :D
Yanan My baby (1 day ago)
Okay b u t Houses/dorms/apartments like this are everywhere in Asia it’s not only Hong Kong they might not be cage homes but they are like this I mean kpop idols can live with up to 10 members in a little bit bigger dorms. It’s also really popular in Hong Kong where they are running outta room for everyone
Fotis Mark (1 day ago)
its capitalism... USA USA USA
Julian Sung (1 day ago)
And the Chinese are buying apartments in Hong Kong to store cash. They got it through corruption so they can't save it through their banks, so they buy apartments here in Hong Kong where the Chinese government can't catch them just to store cash
Smdumpster (1 day ago)
My dad lives in Hong Kong and he lives with 6 other people in one apartment and they all sleep in those sleeping capsules
Spens inthevalley (1 day ago)
Affordable housing isn't wanted in cities no matter how liberal you are or how liberal that city is. Just look at the sky rocketing of homelessness in major cities in the USA.
Constantine (2 days ago)
I feel suffocating only watching this.
iFaceYourPalm (2 days ago)
This is so dehumanizing.
F**K Google+ (2 days ago)
Let's erase even more vegetation to make place for a non-stop growing population!
inderjeet kaur (17 hours ago)
What I have observed that in Hong Kong government owns all the land and they sell it out to real estate agencies to build the infrastructure. Government in return gets lot of revenue out of the bidding and leases. The taxes rates are quite low coz govt don't impose high taxes on citizens to earn revenue as they are getting it thru land. But in India, lands rates are high as well as the taxes rates. Atleast in Hong Kong you don't have to pay high taxes that's why they topped in economic index. In India both the things are high, buying the land and paying the taxes.
Lucky Lex (2 days ago)
Sooo, I could buy 20 of those pods and rent them out to college kids and make my house a "novelty Japan" housing building lol.
Rahman Srez (2 days ago)
im shocked Singapore is not even on the top 10 list!!
Raemnant (2 days ago)
A tiny apartment for less than 300 a month? Why dont we have that in the U.S.? Where I live, income based housing is only for women and the elderly
lollypup buzz (2 days ago)
This while 50% of housing in china is unoccupied that is around 5 million flats, just not occupied. Why not accommodate hong kong into main land china? De congest please. Don't forget to give me one flat in Shanghai. 🤗
Jonathon Balderas (2 days ago)
True giving the land out would help but for how long... To what price to the environment... And to what end.. to avoid cramped living for 200years when everybody has had more kids ... In the end islands are just looking at the problem we will all face one day... The earth isn't growing... Our population is... Time to look to the stars....
Luke Brusatori (2 days ago)
It's not a good idea just to chop down every tree on earth to fit more people.
Shane C (2 days ago)
Why would anyone want to live in Hong Kong? It's dirty, polluted, overpopulated, and expensive.
Dillon Compton (2 days ago)
That's how it'll be here in America and what people are aiming for
Anna Russo (2 days ago)
don't need to see that guy's face all the time. otherwise, its very informative.
Micah Ingram (2 days ago)
the gov should take a chunk of land build tiny homes for the people never to lease to another org. a tiny home needs a toilet, bed, food storage and prep, and a place for tv and charging phones laptops extra all powered by renewable energy sources. you can pile all this in a tiny yet open area... they wouldn't need to tax em just lease/rent them to the people... in turn freeing up area for more business opportunities therefore making more money...
Karen He (2 days ago)
At least I know they translate stuff right
iCynical PC's (2 days ago)
so their wrong for keeping their environment green? while they uncontrollably have kids? nani?
More Bad Ideas (2 days ago)
Miami more expensive than NYC? WTF I gotta get out of here!
MAKARAND KINI (2 days ago)
The experience of sleeping in such congested rooms must be quiet suffocating.
Lemmy's Life (2 days ago)
people are living in cages, but is always place to built a rolex store xD
HITMAN JJs (2 days ago)
So 80% of there assets are in bank savings imagine if there accounts get hacked....
Thats Not Gaming (2 days ago)
what assets? lmao do you not realize these ppl can barely afford to make rent payment? they live paycheck to paycheck.
Tweeked Mobb (2 days ago)
Arseniy (2 days ago)
Hmm... weird how like all the most unaffordable cities are leftist/socialist... Not a single republican majority city on there that doesn't impose regulations on who can build what where.. probably just a coincidence.
my future hobi (2 days ago)
Im a student , i studied a little far from my home . Its take about 30 minutes inc waiting for the bus and train . Everyday i will do the same thing . My dad said to take room that near my campus . But i cant 😭 i dont like to share bathroom , bedroom , kitchen . I said if want me to rent room . Let me got room , and has the toilet inside , and i will . But it little bit expensive 😭 me such a nice daughter , i will travel everday home to campus for 2 years and half 😂💪 (sorry if my english is bad)
Katima XP (2 days ago)
This is just terrible! I thought I had it bad in Japan, but at least I had my own bathroom! There should be a UN law on Humanity regarding the living conditions governments force upon people. 7 billion people shoulder to shoulder can fit New York City. Plenty of room out there in the world!
Jacob Kenney (2 days ago)
I would rather live in the monkey cages than the refrigerators.
reiki546 (2 days ago)
nowdays they disguise the meaning of slavery and colonialism
Blooming Sunflower (2 days ago)
Imagine one of those tall buildings falling down, yikes
fskdjlfjskdlfj (3 days ago)
Restricting land use is not free market.
Vladimir Lenin (3 days ago)
This is disgusting, how do you treat people like this
Moonlight Carnival (3 days ago)
Aren't those like developed slums basically??! I hope lots of people in the cage homes can get those cool capsules!
Moonlight Carnival (3 days ago)
0:01 Loona 1/3 Love & Live filming location!!
Alan Felix (3 days ago)
I saw a music video here by an asian girl but I forgot the name :-( anyone have an idea? It was like pop or something
Kade Lubensky (3 days ago)
Your drone footage is just beautiful
J.Gomez (3 days ago)
2:59 Is that a f*****g Hummer?
Meghan (3 days ago)
One of my friends is from hong kong and she told me about this, she lived like this, and the way she described it it seemed much bigger than the footage here. I couldn’t imagine her living like this, but she did, for many years, it’s truly horrible.
Dotodot Thanoszella (3 days ago)
Please tell me you gave these poor people money
SHADOWxWOLF (3 days ago)
my bedroom is the size of like 6-7 of those "apartments"
W-_-T (3 days ago)
The divide between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong is unimaginable, only if you see it for yourself can you realize. Makes you really appreciate what you have versus what you don't
xtension xward (3 days ago)
i used to love Hong Kong then i saw this video
overthehill91 (3 days ago)
They should do a piece on Vancouver. I'd be curious.
independent (3 days ago)
I am convinced that the Chinese will never put the good of the people over there own individual self interest. That is just who they are
Eden Winter (3 days ago)
OMG... the music/soundtrack is awful!!! Not fitting for the subject.
lovepieguy (3 days ago)
I would live like that
timbel (3 days ago)
267$ for this small "room". OMG, u cant get a decent apartment in a suburban zone in the eu. Its incredible
NekoWinters (3 days ago)
Communism in a nutshell "we will change to help people when it suits us, not people"
Omg I rather be homeless than be stuck in a box!!! I’m so cluster phobic!!!!
JJ Park (3 days ago)
Ineffective government structure and policies

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