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7 Steps to How we built our custom pole barn debt free || Family of 5, 1000 sq ft, NO mortgage

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We've had a lot of people asking how we built our house debt free. So this video is for you. Please note that this video is how we did it and it will look different for you. The biggest key was paying off our debt FIRST so we had cash flow to work with. Then, we used those principles to save and cashflow the house. It's NOT going to be easy, but it is possible! The backstory is that we are a family of 5 that sold about 60% of our belongings and our 1800 square foot house to downsize. Now we have a 1000 square foot house in the country that’s DEBT FREE! We hope to inspire others to do the same and get the freedom we have gotten in life! Our floorplan: http://latigolife.com/our-small-home-floorplan/ Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University: https://bit.ly/2FqvnwA Our debt free story: https://youtu.be/O74XGSrC3BM?t=2m44s Our GoDownsize feature video referenced about our story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQpDjcsG0uw Life After Debt series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW99PpBhXpDIPi8fAApLq5KsCayfkGS4Z Our small home playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW99PpBhXpDIRjlUwGXP_RoMulx6OaArz ----- Want to support our video creation to keep it going? Partner with us on Patreon and get some cool perks for doing so. We hope to see you there! https://www.patreon.com/latigolife What's Patreon you say? It's a membership platform where artists get paid for the work they create. You choose your level of involvement and commitment and we'll keep our end of the deal. Make sure to visit the link above for more information! ----- Photo credits: Tiny homes: Photo by Niv Rozenberg on Unsplash Mansion: Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash House in the Woods: Photo by Flo Pappert on Unsplash
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Gus Uribe (1 day ago)
How much did that house cost to build ?
Kevin Johnson (6 days ago)
great video..only thing i strongly disagree with is how to get a "good contractor" any joe blow can get on google, yelp, home advisor ect. burning up the phone untill you get someone whos available that second is a huge mistake. good contractors are busy. simple as that. my suggestion is go to the city permit office and ask them this. who comes in here alot and knows there stuff. you will be introduced to the the pablo escobar of plumbing in your area. you cant fake that
Latigo Life (6 days ago)
Great tip for sure. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for sharing!
StriderFilms 12:29 (17 days ago)
Nice hard work, good tips and best of luck on your journey. Two thumbs of for Financial Peace University! We paid of $28k in 18 months on a meager budget. True on the behavior change and hard work.
Latigo Life (6 days ago)
It really works if you really work it!
Kyle Evans (29 days ago)
Awesome! I’m meeting with a local design firm tomorrow tomorrow who has done these & timber frames. Still undecided but we will have a nice valley type view from a hill on property I own. I became debt free a couple years ago & count Dave Ramsey as a huge influence. Iv saved 30k. Putting my lake property on the market and it’s been assessed for about 30-35k. Hot market currently so they expect it to sell by spring. We plan to be married about this time next year, so we want 1500sf or so. Half loft possibly. Would it be wise to begin on this project this winter? I’m expecting to have a total of 40-45k by March, not counting what lake property brings. Current home will also be sold next year likely 35-45k. Any advice I’ll take, thanks and awesome job!
Latigo Life (28 days ago)
Hey sounds like a good plan! I think you're on track depending on how much you make of the property and how much materials are in your area. We built in the winter (mainly Oct-Jan) but we are in North Texas so even winter isn't that cold. Once we got the building dried in, it was simple to work on it even if it was raining out. Muddy and messy, but possible. :D I hope this helps. Best of luck!
Kountry Gals Homestead (29 days ago)
What’s your size.
Latigo Life (29 days ago)
It's roughly 1000 sq ft. 24' x 44'
Kountry Gals Homestead (29 days ago)
Who makes the metal building
Latigo Life (29 days ago)
Local metal building company. Look for them in your area, they're around.
Eric McGinnis (1 month ago)
Great job ! Congrats to you and your family. Im happy for yall! Your home looks Beautiful !
Latigo Life (1 month ago)
Thank you! :D
Alyssa Hibner (1 month ago)
Just curious how long it took to build the house. I noticed in a comment down below you said you did a lot of the work yourself. Just wondering what exactly you did yourself and what you had the contracter do and how long it took from start to finish.
Latigo Life (1 month ago)
Start to finish it was about 5 months. The actual building was probably a 3 month process once we got the frame done. We hired out for things like septic, electric, plumbing, spray foam insulation and the metal frame of the building. We did all the interior work as far as framing, sheetrock, texturing, flooring, painting, kitchen cabinets (Ikea) and top-out plumbing like toilets and fixtures. I hope that answers your question :D
edward pudwill (2 months ago)
You might have to sacrifice and move out to the country?
Latigo Life (2 months ago)
For those people that want to live close to a city. It's not for everyone :D
Mike Kincaid (3 months ago)
Awesome video! You guys have done exactly what my wife and I would love to do and talk about doing all the time. Thanks for the inspiration!
Latigo Life (3 months ago)
Good to hear :D
Stephanie Weiler (3 months ago)
I’m so inspired by you all! My husband and I also have three kids and are looking to downsize and do it this way. We also have similar income range and debt (almost done with that) so I feel we can almost mimic your situation! A few questions. You sold your house first and then did you rent or buy in between? I definitely plan on buying your floor plan thing you mentioned. Would that give details about how you went about getting the metal frame etc? I will check that out while I wait for your reply! Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s so inspiring.
Latigo Life (3 months ago)
Stephanie Weiler yes it gives all the details. If you still have questions you can email me. 😉 we stayed with a family member for a few months while building.
rhonda robinson (4 months ago)
Hello love y'alls channel! What type of flooring did you guys use?
Roy Missey (2 months ago)
Allure vinyl flooring is a good flooring to use on concrete
Latigo Life (4 months ago)
rhonda robinson it was just some cheap laminate we found from someone on Craigslist. I don’t suggest it at all. But it did only cost us a couple hundred so it worked for what we needed until we can replace it later on.
JB Marker (4 months ago)
Great video! Kenw you were a Brother as soon as you started talking. I'm 66 and been debt free for over 20 years. Retired two years ago and my wife and I just found our dream property with a fantastic mountain/river view here in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. We want to build a pole barn straw bale infill house/shop (I'm a wookworker/maker/fixer and she has a quilt studio). You've got your head on right young man. I wish my adult sons would start smellin what your smokin. GOD bless you and give you GRACE to raise that beautiful family.
John Doe (5 months ago)
Why charge $17 for a floor plan why not make it accessible? Congratulations on being debt free and having your dream home tho. I really like the porch area
Latigo Life (3 months ago)
The floor plan is accessible for free. Just the high res version and details are for sale. 😉
Dirty South Off Road (4 months ago)
eli bruton exactly. It's a whole lot cheaper than the 3-6k that I've seen for some house plans
eli bruton (5 months ago)
They put a lot of work into planning their house, then the time it takes to create this content. Nothing wrong with monetizing this effort. If people appreciate the info they are sharing they will be glad to chip in $17 for plans that they can appreciate from people they appreciate.
Parapearce (5 months ago)
Jenn-Lee H (5 months ago)
This was so helpful. We have dreamed of building a barn home for years. Finally are close to where we feel we can soon start that process. Family of 7 kids , homeschool as well and can’t wait to do it. Your videos are inspiring ! Thank you for sharing !
Latigo Life (29 days ago)
Aw thanks :D Congrats on being close! I wish you the best for sure!
etley B (6 months ago)
Remind us where you live again? thank you!!
Latigo Life (6 months ago)
etley B we’re in the Fort Worth area.
Amanda Mills (6 months ago)
Can you give a price range for building a pole barn home?
Leroy Brown (2 days ago)
Does the $65k include the finishing of the building, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, etc?
Amanda Mills (6 months ago)
Yes, it does. Thanks so much. I love your home!
Latigo Life (6 months ago)
Amanda Mills our cost minus the land was around $65k. We did a lot of work ourselves to save where we could. Materials, land and contractors will vary depending on the area so it’s really hard to say a specific cost. Does that help?
The Stead at Home Mom (6 months ago)
Did you sell your previous home before building?
Latigo Life (6 months ago)
nparksntx yes we did. We used about $30k in equity and downsized to what we could afford to cash flow for the rest.

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