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Modern Home Construction Technique

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This video shows the simple animation of modern style of construction of houses in various stages like excavation work, foundation work, fixing of trusses, etc. Many Thanks to The Animation Annex for creating this informative video.
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Damien m (11 days ago)
Sí claro, todo se hace sólo jajajaja
Woodframe Floripa (19 days ago)
What a great Job. Congratulation!
FORS4TAN (23 days ago)
Depends where. In the USA, a wooden stick home is pretty useless againt any strong wind, or -20 cel temp. Not talking about lighting storms, a house like this isn't safe to live in and will rott easy in damp areas. If you're gonna spend a lot of money, spend some more on good walls instead of wasting wood that comes from dying forests.
Josh McCullough (29 days ago)
What about siding and roofing?
10 Complikasi Terbaik (1 month ago)
I want to try to make a house like that
Ige Kehinde Charles (1 month ago)
#dayrise #nightrise
Luna (2 months ago)
Francisco Pichardo (2 months ago)
With what program did the presentation?
Please can you shareactual plan with me please.
shaun rice (2 months ago)
What about the roofing shingles that’s the most important. If you don’t slap that crap on there real quick after you put the decking on are you going to do with more issues than worrying about plumbing or any other kind of crap I don’t know who designed these CAD software apps but the problem is these individuals never worked in the field if they worked in the field longer than two years. That’s why they’re always missing something in these videos. Before you publish a video it takes five minutes to send it to a friend that you know is the electrician a friend that you know is a plumber and they would’ve told you several things The video lax. Aside from its purpose or intent
caleb bergmann (3 months ago)
Why the hell would you put rim joist in the garage?? Just use longer studs
CIVIL Mania (4 months ago)
Rios Moodie (4 months ago)
Learn how to make it yourself with all details. Just google for 'woodprix' website:)
Rios Moodie (4 months ago)
I think you can learn more about it on woodprix website.
JJ Chen (4 months ago)
Hello, my name is JJ Chen. I am special doing lightweight precast in China and Philippine. also, i am form Ohio USA too. I want to bring our light weight precast to USA revolution to wood Materials to build the house Animation you show. is way i can contact you and we can share the advice for it. my email is [email protected] and my Skype: streamtour Thank you
Huy Jai (4 months ago)
Ionut Cojocaru (5 months ago)
Cheap american houses...
Movie News (5 months ago)
modern and sophisticated, thanks.
Kathern Pernell (5 months ago)
On the Avasva you can count on professional help with problems and technical support.
Shaquedelilic SS (5 months ago)
very very Americana way of building..
Omar Cossio (5 months ago)
Building this on the Sims BRB
merylisi Benzan (5 months ago)
Es uno de los mejores
vince King (5 months ago)
I am not against wooden houses but: nice shed
Starguy (5 months ago)
i honestly have no idea how i got here...
Robert S (5 months ago)
hahaha MODERN ?? LOOOL and than people in the USA are shocked that tornado wiped out theirs wooden cottages :D LOL
B (6 months ago)
Yep outhouse is extra and oil lamps, guess its bbq 365 at this joint.....
Cool Jude 100123 (6 months ago)
Woo hoo I found this video after a few minutes!!!!
Zach Brenner (6 months ago)
Exterior house wrap is not a vapor barrier.
LaTroy Oner (6 months ago)
if only everything actually falls from the sky like this,that'd be great!
doseofreality100 (6 months ago)
The amount of people here surprised that houses are built with wood and saying it will "blow away" or "no wonder everything burns to the ground..." are fucking idiots. Makes me wonder how they think their house was built. Do they actually think brick houses are made entirely of bricks, haha. Yes there is brick and block construction of homes, which are essentially bunkers, but those aren't exactly common. Just on a siding vs. brick alone the cost of the brick is about 8% more than siding. Blocks vs. wood framing.... blocks take longer to construct and cost more. Not to mention running plumbing and wiring through a blocked house is much more difficult than a wood framed house. Renovations in the future..... forget about it with a block house. Not that it's impossible, but the costs, labor and effort in general is insanely higher for block comped to wood framed. And as for it "blowing away" a majority of homes in the Mid West are of the traditional wood framed variety despite being in tornado prone areas. Why? Because your house is going to be fucked no matter what it's made out of in a tornado. Google image "Brick home vs tornado" and brick homes topple over just like wood framed homes. Flying debris can also fly through a brick wall just like a wood wall too. Difference being a 2x4 flying through a wood home might just fly through a sheet of plywood and the drywall leaving only an easily repairable hole. A 2x4 flying at a brick wall may crack an entire section of the exterior, and if it is flying fast enough may crack your block structure as well. And that's the other thing, settling of the home over time. Wood has some give to it and will settle with the rest of the house into the ground fairly nicely (unless improperly built). A concrete blocked home.... cracks. Bottom line, there are pros and cons for each structure type. It's to the point the real difference maker is cost, and wood framing is easily the more cost effective decision. Your brick home isn't going to be worth shit if it's got a crack running through it due to an earthquake or had severe damage done to it by a tornado. Again, I've lived in the Mid West my entire life and have been in a couple tornados and seen the damage they can do. Block and brick homes are no match for a tornado. They wind up looking like a pile of rubble just like the wood framed houses.
doseofreality100 (6 months ago)
worst. music. ever
Adkins Mikkelsen (6 months ago)
Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'stodoys' website:)
Hammond Miers (7 months ago)
You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.
DACOTA 2K (7 months ago)
Just use 335 wood and build a separate 3 by 4 you should get good enough high ground
Deveraux Linden (7 months ago)
Nice Garden Shed, please do tell me where to buy one
valentin sanchez (7 months ago)
in traditional time when a young men get married the entire community help build his home until he to will repay that favor i miss those time
troww zers (7 months ago)
Wow that house reminds me of half ass or most contractors lol. Put drywall up before any plumbing or electrical is installed. Was this house build during the 1800's?
Paul Berry (8 months ago)
*Thank you Ryan, I am happy to purchase your shed plan [Check Details Here⇒>**https://t.co/3IzNssRBxG** ) It has saved from being frustrated, something I always encounter with other plans in the past. I just love the easy step-by-step method you use.*
RuRuProductions (8 months ago)
Minecraft in real life
jon doe (8 months ago)
Any #’s on construction cost?
Star Karan (8 months ago)
work goes much faster with stodoys plans.
Tim Slee (8 months ago)
Ehh, brick is way better. It's no flammable, it's heavy so the house doesn't get blown away in a cyclone and it's a simple insulator.
Gerardo Guijarro (9 months ago)
no plumb in line, beams, hardware, electrical, plumbing....hmmm interesting modern homes. so when I have to go use the bathroom I will just walk over to my neighbor's house and ask to use tier bathroom. Problem solved!
Elise Konicov (9 months ago)
That first song was atrocious
Kuruva Amaranth (9 months ago)
Soo good
Saina. wow Saina (9 months ago)
super cute
Rafa YouTube (9 months ago)
I work for a small company all we built is Modern Mansions only
DGOODWIN19 (9 months ago)
Nice animation, great camera work. But no sump pump for a below ground level structure? No cross braces for the 2x4 framing? But it was fun to watch.
Tai Hung (10 months ago)
watch out for a hurricane or a tornado
Deckie Deckie (10 months ago)
2x4s & drywall....half a mil.......amerikan construction companies....a rip off....and sheep pay gladly.....jejeje
joe smith (10 months ago)
Amelia Nazario (10 months ago)
Wow ! that's a great video, looks fantastic. which software is used to make this building ?
Aravind Kothandaraman (10 months ago)
Looks like sim city
Kathmandu Guy (10 months ago)
how wonderful! everything falls off of the sky perfectly in place.
karzygijose (11 months ago)
What game is this?
Yaohushua Immanuel (11 months ago)
Omondi Omondi (11 months ago)
This is a one storey building... It doesn't have second floor
newmoon clear (11 months ago)
electrical installation?
Raining houses again...
David Kaminski (1 year ago)
https://a5customhomebuilders.tumblr.com/ Custom Home Builders in Wisconsin
shubham srivastava (1 year ago)
which software u used..kindly tell
Rio Hemmings (1 year ago)
That is some ugly wallpaper
Toni Escoto (1 year ago)
am i playing some adventure game I played as a kid or whats with this fucking music?
Kurt Rencel Osana (1 year ago)
The stone house is better and a concept from greece.
Zila (1 year ago)
Love this 😍
Alan Fox (1 year ago)
Why are American houses made like shacks?
wjatevrr (1 year ago)
What about plumbing? Electrical wiring..? I think this video missed quite a few steps...
r1 (1 year ago)
What about electrical and plumbing!?
Max A. (1 year ago)
The music is cute
Jaden P (1 year ago)
I'd rather stay in my brick apartment building with noisy neighbors than buy a WOOD BOX to live in! I just don't understand why home builders in all of the homebuilding videos I have watched so far are using wood to build the frame instead of using strong materials like concrete steel and bricks
Alex Leigh (1 year ago)
What were the two aluminum things to the left side of the screen and how did you get the house to stick to the concrete foundation?
Loppy2345 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what software was used to make this video?
Carrie Miller (1 year ago)
*_★☞ Ryan has the best materials out there on the market [Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞_**_https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AcDZ1m_jwjkRUixIdWP094kqa9Ipdo9FNtXC8DtMUZk/edit?usp=sharing_**_ ]. I was stuck while building my first wood shed, so frustrated I have to abandon that project. I'm glad to have come in contact with Ryan's building plan. It's amazing._*
Memx (1 year ago)
Before the Europeans here compare your stone houses to american wood houses. Lets compare dentists
Safetyshields (1 year ago)
I wish building was this easy!
Sadanand Rajurkar (1 year ago)
nice contrc
Robert (1 year ago)
The reason it's made out of wood is because there aren't many typhoons and severe hurricanes in America. In asia, almost all houses are built using concrete. I lived in Asia and i currently live in America
G4BY B (1 year ago)
one Cigarette butt and goodbye your house.
Dutch all the Way (1 year ago)
This is so out of order! There is no way that you would vapour barrier once it is a full two story wall!
Dutch all the Way (1 year ago)
What is the header size on the garage door? 2x24?! That thing looks massive
Galaxis (1 year ago)
That was cool, but what happened to the roof and siding?
YouTuber 1 (1 year ago)
Americans living in the woods.
Gaming Pro (1 year ago)
My parents are building are getting a house built on some land we own.This is very interesting...
John Armstrong (1 year ago)
Americans sure know how to built houses out of sticks. Good for them
Tylor F (1 year ago)
To all you europeans out there, my 2-3 framers can frame a house like this in 2 weeks. Each house takes at maximum 3 months to complete with a team of 5. Builders use hurricane straps and glue for high wind areas, the drywall on the interior is fire retardant. Our average size home is more than double that of most European countries (200 sq meters). The average price is very reasonable as well, $188,900, median income is at like $50,000+. And we really don't give a shit about what the rest of the world thinks because we're too busy picking out pools, half court basketball courts, in ground trampolines, walk in closets and bathrooms for each room.
IHEartLReoy (2 months ago)
MachadoSwag shhh racist
MachadoSwag (7 months ago)
Gerardo Salas ..and you live in a continent where there are more rats per capita... ask your boyfriend, he should know.
Gerardo Salas (7 months ago)
MachadoSwag I have none. Not all nations breed like rats, you will understand.
MachadoSwag (7 months ago)
lol...im only here for your sister
MachadoSwag (7 months ago)
I miss my canadian homes. I live in europe now and have to deal with these cold concrete houses that not even humidity can escape
Rottin' Rotty (1 year ago)
carpenter porn.....
Vnitro (1 year ago)
how did you make this animation
michaelios79 (1 year ago)
Allways had a question. Why americans build this chippo lightwaight wooden framework huts on this expensive solid concrete basements. Also I hope you heard words drainage and whateprofing. Otherwise this building will be flooded.
jimiel ince (1 year ago)
waht softwre is this plz
Frederick Kasanda (1 year ago)
And then there was fire.
Harry 8642 (1 year ago)
shit and cheap, won't last a 10mph gust.
5433D (1 year ago)
Where is the insulation?
Ty Fetty (1 year ago)
It'd be cool if you could be able to show the little things like plumbing and mechanical ventilation etc
Terrell Cary (1 year ago)
Let's talk about that music wow
MARIO 3E433 (1 year ago)
Minecraft 2
Shivashankar bv bv (1 year ago)
whatapp number 9945102759
irakli chigogidze (1 year ago)
roof is dead (unused) spece or can it be utilized for living purposes?
Carlos Gudiel (1 year ago)
Carlos Gudiel (1 year ago)
sai173 you stink to
Carlos Gudiel (1 year ago)
narek YOU stink

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