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The Incredible Homes of The Top 10 Richest People

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Today we take a look at all the different homes owned by the top 10 richest people on earth. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy
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Text Comments (3029)
Leo C (11 hours ago)
I can't even get nothing from the dollar menu at McDonald's ☹
FILMMAKING KID (21 hours ago)
Currently the richest person is Jeff bezos
C E W (1 day ago)
Marky Z is a lousy neighbor and a hypocrite. "Karma" is on his trail!
Sarah Thursby (1 day ago)
It’s pronounced Coke not Koch
1:04 I doubt Bill Gates uses ipad?
Urban Observer (2 days ago)
Bezos caught Bill slippin...BOSS🙌🏻
Kjetil Balstad (2 days ago)
Sooo, ever heard about the metric system?
STEAMING GAMING (3 days ago)
No Elon Musk. Click bait. Oof
Harry Chana (3 days ago)
Where is Ambani’s hideous looking $1000,000,000 house on the list?
Bella (3 days ago)
Can somebody cash app me $200 im trying to buy a laptop for school thanks $saneup
Lizzie Sangi (3 days ago)
ZARA has cool stuff
Azibri (3 days ago)
I suppose you need a big home.for all thoese fake friends your going to make xD Also the problem going to a rich man's house is you will find there is no where to spit apart from his face
Phillip Jordan (4 days ago)
Ur dumb motherf
Starfire Koriand'r (5 days ago)
Of course the Bill Gates will have the computer-controlled home!
scrubl0rd (5 days ago)
meanwhile the descendants of Rockefeller own all of the oil production in the world worth 10s of trillions and along with other trillionaire families will never allow themselves to be on these kinds of lists -- made by media companies they all own.
Peter Dawes (5 days ago)
You missed Elon Musk at $24 although his worth to Man kind is priceless.
damachine3 (5 days ago)
Jeff Bezos is now #1 with a net worth that dwarfs that of Bill Gates.
L.A. November 2019 (6 days ago)
Putin is the wealthiest man on earth....do your research.
Munank’s Cooking (6 days ago)
Thumbs up nice
Philip E. (6 days ago)
When most people struggle with bills and just everyday living we have to watch how much money these people have and how much money they like to spend. NO THANKS. I don't need to watch this crap.
Lucky Mike (6 days ago)
Abdi Rahman (7 days ago)
The last guy is smart and know he will dia and spend his money to enjoy before that 😎
Bezos is not HUMAN, fucking freak!
Swarlay Mehta (8 days ago)
Also mine u forgot my 214 million£
Brandon Fry (8 days ago)
kotch LMFAO coke maybe
Humzah Hassan (8 days ago)
Don’t get me wrong these people earned it and they are doing a lot for the future and they donate a lot of money and help people but how are there millionaire mansions yet homeless people. Not hating it’s just weird how the world works. Again they do help people around the world not hating it’s just how weird the world works
Selajh Soulh (8 days ago)
got to kill off some to make them powerful.
King Dolor (8 days ago)
They are not the richest people on the... The true richest people on earth is the person who are contented what he/she has.... Coz even you have all the things on earth if you still not contented what you had, you're not..... Hahahahah
Teresa Navarro (8 days ago)
my god ..i hate money..because meke people crazy..
L Buono (9 days ago)
What the hell is the majority of these people supporting Dems and socialists Up have yo see they are looking for power and care nothing of anything related to the supposed values wake up people the ultra rich supporting Obama come on
im happy (9 days ago)
i would love to see these places
frits duwel (10 days ago)
and when the shit they smell the same as you
Shi Cruisin' (10 days ago)
These Billionaires/Millionaires may have loads of cash, but absolutely no taste! Ugly, & cold, most of these properties!
Shi Cruisin' (10 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg (Or Sucker-berg as the Americans call it), did NOT come up with the Facebook Idea! He famously STOLE it from a friend, who was the one to come up with the idea and also started implementing it. Mark developed it further then claimed it as his own idea. He was sued by his 2 friends for stealing their idea, but, money talks, and they lost, except for getting a stipend to shut them up for good.
Shi Cruisin' (10 days ago)
Hold up a minute......! Did he just say, an (one "LUCKY!") employee ("WON" a high bid of....) PAID $35,000 to tour Bill Gate's house?!?! WHYYYYYYYY?????!!!! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!!!
Jag Girl (11 days ago)
Stuff cleaning 24 bathrooms. But I guess if I had them I wouldn't be, I'd be paying someone else to..lol
Sergio Plascencia (11 days ago)
All the money in the world can’t saved you from hell anyway
Ruposhi Quddus (12 days ago)
Saw Elon Musk in the thumbnail but didn't see anything about him in the video...
Game Player (12 days ago)
It's sad that they got all these house but wont house the homeless
Niclas Mortensen (12 days ago)
Did i just waste 12:26 minutes, waiting to see Elons house??
chrisse1711 (13 days ago)
Bla bla bla... So, nothing interesssting about too big house for too less people.
emil finne (13 days ago)
Who needs 20 bathrooms even? even if you have 30guests, they aren't all going the same time to the bathroom so there is no need for gaddamn many .... spoiled brats
The Revolver Guy (14 days ago)
Wuenceslao Ippolito (14 days ago)
Simon Stauber (14 days ago)
Hi "Top Trending" ...money is no object, yet they still must wipe themselves by themselves.
JACK STANFIELD (15 days ago)
No mention of the evil, commie, Vlad the Impaler PUTIN. Some reports put his stolen hoard at $300 bil. Which, actually is peanuts compared to the trillions he could steal. A guy who sends hit men after his enemies, ex.: the ex spy and daughter, wouldn't flinch at stealing trillions more from the gov't of the FSU. (former soviet union)
Siddh Shah (16 days ago)
this list is wrong to another level, this channel is absolute horse shit.
duv endique (16 days ago)
ipad on bill gates house?
Justin Pharand (16 days ago)
1:03 I'm sure Bill Gates has a whole bunch of iPads in his house. What a stupid video.
Ever After (16 days ago)
Wow, all these rich people just buy a bunch of stuff and don't help anybody. At least bill gates is out helping others and did things for people but these dudes are so stuck up and selfish
Zeke Mackay (11 days ago)
Do some research. Buffet is giving away all of his money. These "big things" are worth nothing compared to what they're giving away. For most, 10s of billions of dollars.
TheManWithNoInsides (16 days ago)
I have not watched the video and I do not need to. I am sure Rockefeller and Rothschild are not in this video. They are too "Rich" for this peasant list.
Aditya Kulkarni (16 days ago)
Antila is of 1 billion dollars owned by India’s richest man Anil Ambani
steve quinn (16 days ago)
*Koch, as in Koch Brothers is pronounced _Coke,_ like the drink.
15 seconds of truth (16 days ago)
90 billion dollars? What a douchebag
Zeke Mackay (11 days ago)
what makes him a douchebag for having a lot of money
John V (17 days ago)
So let me get this straight. The President of the US earns 400k/year and he is able to live next to Jeff Bezos in a house worth tens of millions of dollars. Yeah, no corruption at all.
John V (17 days ago)
Capitalism is truly out of control.
What about deadmou5 check his house out
Kylee Babb (17 days ago)
Pronunciation of “Koch” is incorrect. It’s pronounced like “coke.”
Evan Murphy (17 days ago)
Is Zuckerberg making a reptilian compound?
Allen mclore Putin (17 days ago)
So where's the Antilia (cost=1.3B$)
Armaghan Dawar (13 days ago)
This is video isn’t showing the most expensive houses, its showing the houses of the 10 most richest people. Since Mukesh Ambani doesn’t come in the top ten is house isn’t in this video.
TCPB Branch (18 days ago)
I’m fine with my gmc terrain
Malachi langdon (18 days ago)
You forgot about my net worth at nothing
The Man (18 days ago)
The Man (18 days ago)
Zeke Mackay (11 days ago)
What if I'm not Christian.
dhruv prajapati (18 days ago)
You forgot about Mukesh Ambani
scott williams (18 days ago)
Hey Trump, you’re not on list by country mile.
XxExoticEnteiMasterxX (18 days ago)
Bill Gates uses an Ipad 1:03 No hate please
scott williams (18 days ago)
I want to see 10 poorest peoples’ homes
Editz terror (19 days ago)
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EmilyIn Wonderland (20 days ago)
All of these homes could house all the illegal aliens that are entering our country. I'll be at the border in the next few days giving these addresses out to the illegals crossing. But I'll only be directing to them to rich Dem homes, they want open borders? Sure, we'll open up your own homes' border walls to them & YOU can take care of them forever!
Joshua Bates (20 days ago)
Mark Yarton (20 days ago)
alex jones is right gates is a chicken neck
Enis xy (20 days ago)
5:15 this guy is an idiot
Anton V. (20 days ago)
very impressive
Aseweje David (21 days ago)
no Elon, nice clickbait, +1 dislike BITCH!!!!
Joshua C (21 days ago)
Thumbs down... Click bait thumbnail...
D Smith (22 days ago)
What are the property taxes on these places?
James Coco (22 days ago)
Thanks for giving me an existential crisis...
jumpin (22 days ago)
only 1.25 billion, how doe he live
Floor Inc. (22 days ago)
“luxury clothing brand Zara” - instantly distrustful of entire research done in this video
None None (22 days ago)
5:02 you had to choose that photo...
Gary A (22 days ago)
LOL- the “Kotch” brothers...it’s pronounced the “Coke” brothers! Nice research.
John Lawton Jeffcoat (22 days ago)
The images shown in this poorly produced "slide-show" are not accurate. At 58 seconds in, the narrator speaks of the home library of Bill Gates, but the image shown is that of the famous home library of George Lucas at his "Skywalker Ranch" home. Then, two seconds later at 1:00 minute, the narrator describes the swimming pool at Bill Gates' Seattle, Washington area home, but again, the image shows a swimming pool clearly overlooking Los Angeles, California... not Washington. This is a worthless, deceptive slide-show of GENERIC images that do not match up with the narrator's voice over and are not at all what they claim to be! This "Top Trending" producer is merely trying to generate views to sell ads. Nothing more. This is not trustworthy, vetted, accurate media... this is online "pay per impression" ad marketing to the masses, quickly throw together inaccurately using images that are generic "stock images", and thinly disguised as "info-tainment" slide shows.
Stephen Reid (22 days ago)
Clickbait thumbnail. Is any of this actually true?
Nathanael Bass (23 days ago)
I doubt Bill Gates uses an iPad... get your stock photos right.
Zoe Macgregor (23 days ago)
so Bill Gates ran a competition among his employees to take a tour of his house... in essence getting $35 000 of money he paid them back hahahaha.
susan garratt (23 days ago)
Why would you want to? I live in a small three bedroom house in England. I have a bedroom and a bathroom I don’t ever use. I’m ready to downsize!!
D man xe (23 days ago)
Consign with us DD-Threadsdotcom
cooldeesir (23 days ago)
After this video, I'm going to watch tiny houses
6:31 That line should have been, "For someone who so obviously values privacy, Zuckerberg sure doesn't seem to have a problem with selling the personal information of the one billion plus people that use his social networking service."
Gage Knutson (23 days ago)
OK seriously people with a quick google search I figured out that jeff bezos is richer than bill at 140-150 billion and Vladimir putin is the richest at 200billion
Have you ever heard about Antilia Mumbai ☻
eabe _ (24 days ago)
Elon musk on the thumbnail. And no single mention of him in the video. Ya fuck Top Trending.
Wade Noseworthy (24 days ago)
jeshhh could you talk just a little bit faster.
Ron Barnes (24 days ago)
Their name is pronounced "coke" not "coch".
No Name (24 days ago)
Forgot Ambani with 1 billion home!!
Cole Breedlove (25 days ago)
Why do you need all that
Monica Singh (26 days ago)
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's billion dollar house Antilla, not on the list???
mikeyb byekim (26 days ago)
Here's my take on the super filthy rich... They're selfish. There's supposed to be only a finite amount of money in the world, so everything these people are buying, collecting, sitting on, hoarding in the bank, is basically all food and good living from other people in the world. Sure maybe they earned all of that, but at the expense of so many others having a very unfortunate sad life, that likely weren't even given the same opportunities to succeed as these "billionaires" were, or even "millionaires" and "thousandaires" ha. Me personally, I only want enough to be happy and comfortable without worrying about bills and losing everything. All is these rich people are rich at the expense of everyone else. Bc while they're hiring up all of that money, no one else is having the opportunity to earn it for themselves. And what's the point of amassing so much money, so much that can't even be spent? It's a sad shame. If I had that much money, I'd be don't do many random things for people that hopefully it would set an example.
kaputasri (23 days ago)
But at the same time most of these rich people arent pirates they create value to earn their wealth. Billionaires who are businessmen are an asset to this world because they create so many jobs. Millions of people have jobs and food to eat because of the investments made by these rich people. Rich politicians tho they are just robbers thats true
GAMERS COLONY (26 days ago)
Wait a minute isn't that a iPad 1:07 in bill gates house.jk

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